Low Fat Diet Plan - How About Trying a Protein Rich Diet Plan, Anyone?

When you think of diet plans, only one thing comes to your mind - shed off the fats! You try every reasonable diet available to lose those fats, but somehow you feel like you are not getting the results that you want. How about trying a protein-rich diet?

If you compare your body to a construction site with muscles as the hollow blocks, protein would be the cement you put in hollow blocks. It builds your muscles. That is why meat and fish are always included in any balanced diet plans you've hear of. This means that if you take in more protein, you could have more muscles than fats. A protein-rich diet can be a low fat diet plan that burns those fats away and replace them with muscles. Not bad, isn't it?

What are the types of food that are rich in protein?

• Meat and fish 
• Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom, spinach and asparagus 
• Soybeans, whole grains, rice, oats, nuts and legumes 
• Poultry products 
• Milk products

These are only few of the types of food rich in protein, and these can compose a low fat diet plans, helping you lose weight. What you can do is to develop recipes that you would enjoy that use these types of food as ingredients. This way, you build your muscles, you lose weight, and you still enjoy what you eat. Not a bad diet plan.

However, remember that eating food rich in protein would not be enough. To build the muscles, you need to combine exercise with the low-fat diet plans. Tone your muscles so that they don't sag. Your exercise could be as simple as walking briskly; jogging in place, even breathing properly could be an exercise. You just need to find what activity is right for you.


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